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CHL (Landskrona Photo:View Chile)

CHL(Landskrona Photo:View Chile)
Landskrona Photo

Texts by  Christian Caujolle, Rodrigo Gome Rovira,
Catalina Mena Larrain, Samuel Salgado Tello


ISBN 9789198441420


Each summer, Landskrona Foto presents another country’s photographic history in an exhibition which has become an annual tradition. This year, it’s the turn of a Latin American country, with the choice falling on Chile. Sweden and Chile have a lot in common. Both countries are geographically elongated and located on the edge of their respective continents. Ever since the coup which led to a military dictatorship in 1973, connections between the two countries on a human level have been strong. There are still around 50,000 people of Chilean descent living in Sweden. Cultural and scientific ties between the two countries are strong.

At the same time, there are of course major differences – socially, culturally and politically – as demonstrated by Chile’s photographic tradition. This exhibition has been compiled by curator Christian Caujolle in collaboration with Rodrigo Gomez Rovira, artistic director of the international festival of photography in Valparaiso. It includes the work of internationally renowned photographer Sergio Larrain, as well as six other photographers.