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Labyrinth of Desire

labyrinth of desireLabyrinth of Desire
Frank Rodick
Deborah Colton Gallery


41 pages
220×220 mm
ISBN: Not available


‘We’ve walked on the moon, our species. We’ve filmed luminescent sea creatures in the ocean deep, peered into active volcanoes, and studied Antarctica before it melted away. But the human mind continues to be one of the most uncharted frontiers of all. From his beginnings as a photographer, Frank Rodick has consistently explored this terrain, breaching the crenellations of the cerebral cortex to probe the limbic system, where our animal selves hunker. A medium recognized for its excellence in recording surfaces, photography is a challenging tool for plumbing the recesses of the brain. However, because it so easily creates a mirror world, a place parallel to our own, photography is also adroit at recontextualizing recognizable subjects to create new meanings. Rodick exploits this paradox and, as his career progresses, continues to use techniques that sever images from conventional interpretation, pushing viewers to engage with them in a less straightforward manner.’
– Katherine Ware, curator and art historian, from Labyrinth of Desire: Work by Frank Rodick.

Frank Rodick is a Canadian photographer, based in Toronto. He began his photographic career doing black-and-white street photography, which developed into the series Liquid City (1991–1999).

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