Kaunas Photography Gallery Publishing

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Kaunas Photography Gallery Publishing
Edited by Viktorija Mašanauskaité
Kaunas Photography Gallery
79 pages
212 x 135 mm
Edition limited to 500
ISBN: 9786098099195

The Kaunas Photography Gallery was opened in 1979 by the Lithuanian Photographers Association, which from 1969 to 1990 was a highly influential organisation, and the only one of its kind in all the former Soviet Union. The exhibition space was completely renovated in 2010. Its expanded activities, including exhibiting, residencies and pubishing, explores the very borders of photography, between traditional and conceptual camera-based art. Eventually, the gallery became traditional and conceptual camera-based art. Eventually, the gallery became the most relevant institution in the region focusing on photographic and contemporary art.

The Kaunas Photography Gallery extends the long publishing tradition in Lithuania, and now not only concentrates on simply presenting photographers, but also on continuing research into Lithuanian photography through individual perception. Thanks to its successful publishing activities, Lithuanian photography is winning greater recognition than ever before. It is gradually becoming more acknowledged on the international scene, and is featured at major international photography book events.