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Katalog 30.1: Journal of Photography & Video

‘Katalog 30.1: Journal of Photography & Video’
Jens Friis
Jens Friis


96 pages
210 x 250 mm
ISSN 24455067


KATALOG Journal is a Denmark-based journal focusing on photography and video.

Issue 29.1 focuses on Parallel – a new European photo-based platform. KATALOG turns the spotlight on the ideas of six emerging curators in the work of forming group exhibitions. Instead of solo pages with so-called ‘artist statements’, KATALOG features the works of the involved Parallel artists in a dialogue that reflects the introductory text. The pictures and their often surprising combinations detached from series and totalities should inspire the reader to investigate the individual artists more.


About the Publisher
Jens Friis, an independent curator, photo historian and publisher/editor, holds a Masters in the History of Art with a specialization in photography. He has been an active member of Gallery Image in Aarhus, Denmark, and for a number of years worked at Hamiltons, a commercial gallery in London, selling photographic art. From 2003-2016, he was a Curator at Museet for Fotokunst in Odense, Denmark, where he oversaw the museum’s photographic collection, and was the Artistic Co-Director of the Danish photo festival, initiated by the same museum. During that time, he was also Editor-in-Chief of KATALOG – Journal of Photography & Video, a magazine supported and published by the museum. KATALOG, which has been independently published by Friis since 2015, is in its 28th successful year. KATALOG is part of Nordic Photo Festival Network and the European collaboration Parallel.