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EAST – Zu Protokoll / For The Record

EAST – Zu Protokoll / For The Record 
Frank-Heinrich Müller
English and German

319 pages
ISBN 9783865219299


In autumn 1989 the wall dividing Germany into East and West falls and a new era began. It was a time of great hope, desire and fear. Beyond the world’s political historiography, countless stories can be told of the people involved and their personal concerns at the time. A lot of these private stories, conserved in snap-shots, are assembled in “EAST — For the Record”. Numerous photographers have contributed their iconic pictures of that period. The images assembled in this book were taken between September and December 1989, each dated and annotated. The publication is a panopticon of personal experiences, a kind of poetic chronicle that allows to gain an insight into the spirit of these times.

About the Publisher
Steidl is a German-language publisher, an international publisher of photobooks, and a printing company, based in Göttingen, Germany. It was started in 1972 by Gerhard Steidl and is still run by him.