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Andor Von Barsy – Photographer in Rotterdam 1927-1942

DSC_4665Andor Von Barsy – Photographer in Rotterdam 1927-1942
Andor Von Barsy and Frits Giersberg
Jap Sam Books
German, English and Dutch

120 Pages
ISBN 9789490322267

Though known mostly for his films, the German-Hungarian photographer Andor von Barsy’s (1899 – 1965) began in 1930 to take dynamic photos of the harbors of Rotterdam, aiming his camera at cranes and bridges to capture a dynamic image of modern steel construction. This groundbreaking exhibition catalog commemorates the first public showing ever of these vital, almost-abstract photos from the eye of an early modern artist. Von Barsy’s best-known movies (such as 1928’s De stad die nooit rust and 1930’s experimental Hoogstraat) are featured at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011. The impeccably printed catalog includes around 100 photographs, with an introduction by art historian and critic Frits Gierstberg, head of exhibitions at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam.

About the artist:
The Hungarian Andor von Barsy (1899-1965) made his name with the abstract ‘urban symphony’ “Hoogstraat – an absolute film” (1928) and was a popular cameraman and photographer. For his filming of “Dead Water” (1934, Gerard Rutten) he received the prize fort the best camerawork (Venice Film Festival). Von Barsy was one of the cameramen for Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia (1936/38).

About the publisher:
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