EMERGE (Nottingham Trent University)

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EMERGE Photo Festival
Nottingham Trent University


EMERGE Photo Festival is the 20th annual Nottingham Trent University BA Photography festival. Featuring the work of 100 students. These final bodies of work are the culmination of hard work, extensive study and research. Shown in venues throughout the city centre of Nottingham, each exhibiting during a two week period. With private views held on many evenings, the festival celebrates photography and creativity, showcasing some of the best work by our upcoming BA Photography graduates. A festival organised and ran by students, for the students.

Contributing photographers:

Abigail Russell
Alannah Messett
Alannah Pummel
Alex Pantling
Amelia Wakeman
Amy Gee
Annie Jones
Annie Noble
Becca Lee
Beth Barkway
Billie Patrick
Bogumila Korba
Britney Bailey
Callum Baigrie
Casey Foster
Catherine Waites
Charlie Chiu
Charlotte Davis
Charlotte Moore
Charlotte Tomlinson
Chirag Bhundia
Chloe Baronowski
Chloe Shepherd
Dani Bacon
Danny Woodward
Elliot Ball
Emily Wootton
Emma Morgan
Elizabeth Burbeary
Esme Bozdere
Esther Wiltshire
Frances Leahy
Harry Bryant
Hannah Clark
Hannah Marquardt
Hannah Shepherd
Hannah Smart
Hannah Quirk
Hannah Woods
Hasina Amaneer
Jack Pidduck
James Judge
James Marvin
Jannene Brammer
Jasmine Darrell
Jemma Tilley
Jenny Hale
Jessica Gabrielle Ruth Minshull
Jo Lister
Josh Hart
Julia Zolotova
Judy Lewis-Jones
Kate McShane
Katherine Driver
Karolina Przewloka
Kezia White
Krystan-Grace Sharpe-Young
Lelde Garanca
Lindsey Fletcher
Lily Lavelle
Lisa-Marie Gathercole
Lisa Roseanne Gillies
Luke Perkins
Luke Weller
Mansheng Wong
Martin Fu
Megan Shaw
Melody Armstrong
Natalia Golebiowska
Nicola Payne
Nirah Sanghani
Patricia Tobin
Peter McLeod
Priscilla Mauer
Robyn Evans
Ryan George
Selma Paavola
Siân Hallam-Davies
Simon Ward
Shellbie Cole
Vasiliki Charalambides


Nottingham Trent University is a public university in Nottingham, England. It was founded as a new university in 1992 from Trent Polytechnic.