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State by Susanne Bosch & Anthony Haughey

Susanne Bosch and Anthony Haughey

96 pages

Published by Project Press, a division of Project Arts Centre, Dublin STATE documents a series of interrelated projects by Susanne Bosch and Anthony Haughey which explore the phenomena of migration and migratory culture in an attempt to trace and map out their respective specific contested spaces. The artists have worked together since 2006, both collaboratively and individually with migrants in Ireland (north and south), wider Europe and North Africa. Their creative investigations are based on the premise of a principal situatedness of art in place and community and its connectedness through dialogic exchange. They employ a range of strategies, from direct engagement with migrants to provocative public interferences, which expose the structures of power that impose vulnerability and marginalization on individuals. Their work has been exhibited widely internationally and their individual art works are represented in numerous public and private collections.

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