Lucky Box: A Guide to Modern Living

By 13/08/2015 December 13th, 2019 Photobooks

Harvey Benge

Lucky Box: A Guide to Modern Living
Harvey Benge
Dewi Lewis Publishing


112 pages
203x17x266 mm
ISBN: 978-1-89923-593-3


This is Harvey Benge’s fifth book on the subject of urban landscape. Benge lives and works between Auckland and Paris. His interest lies in the strange anthropology of cities, observing and making photographs of the unusual and overlooked in the human landscape where nothing is as it seems. He makes photographic series’ which evolve into bookworks. As well as this, Benge is also involved in curatorial projects and at Auckland’s AUT University ongoing photography workshops with international photographers and curators.

Dewi Lewis Publishing is a partnership owned and run by Caroline Warhurst and Dewi Lewis. Founded in 1994, its photography list has an international reputation and includes books by leading British and international photographers. The aim of the company is to bring to the attention of a wider public, accessible but challenging contemporary photography by both established and lesser known practitioners.



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