Dark Cities/02 Capsule 

Dark Cities/02 Capsule
Shyue Woon
Self Published / International Publishers Association (IPA)



Hardcover in a thin cardboard folder
15 x 21.3 x 4 cm
ISBN 9789811166662


Dark Cities is a self-published project in a thin-cardboard folder containing 3 books that are 3 perceptions of Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul through the « lens » of a specific and unusual location: a carpark (01 – Carpark), a run-down tower (02 – Capsule), an old city quarter (03 – Euljiro). The original training as architect of the artist Shyue Woon is very present in this triptych taht also carries a rather dark atmosphere
Shyue Soon grew obsessed with the tower & its madly visionary architect – by bringing the future into the present, and the tragedy of not able to dictate the evolution once human/economics imperfection intervenes.  She attempt to construct an imaginary Kafkaesque narrative on someone (The architect) being trapped in his own tubula-rasa, trying to escape for the crumbling meta-textual stage of his own creation.

About the Artist
Shyue Woon (b.1975), ARB(UK) registered Architect; Specialized in mid to large scale Mixed-use, Transportation, and Infrastructural developments. Resides in Singapore and works for Land Transport Authority (LTA) designing upcoming MRT stations and facility buildings. Shyue Woon’s debut photobook “Dark Cities” won the inaugural First Draft Award by THEBOOKSHOW. Woon was also selected as an artist in Mt Rokko International Photography Festival Emerging Photographers Showcase 2016 and his…

About the Publisher
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