Kurt Rodahl Hoppe
Forlaget Wunderbuch


130 Pages
245 x 279mm
ISBN 9788793557079


A delicious treat for book lovers. In 55 photographs, Kurt Rodahl Hoppe seeks to capture the very special atmosphere that can be experienced in places where books have peculiarly gathered themselves. The photographer has access to a string of wonderful private book collections as well as evocative libraries and antiques. The book begins with three very different declarations of love for the good old printed book, written by Sonny Ankjær Sahl, Anne Elisabeth Toft and Knud Romer.

About the artist 
Very dedicated photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark . Architecture, people and landscapes are among his favourite subjects. But he has had to deal with almost all aspects of photography and he has worked  for a long list of scandinavian clients. In 2015 he was invited by the City of Bejing to cover the changes of the city. He always works with projects of his own – they usually end as books and exhibitions. He has  had five books published in recent years and more will follow.
Kurt Rodahl Hoppe

About the publisher
The publisher Wunderbuch wants to publish books that awaken and reflect the sensation. The guiding principle for the publishing work is that good and durable results follow with diligence and thoroughness . In our troubled world, it is important that good things get the time and care it takes. The publisher’s publishing must give literature and the arts a space. where enjoyment, slowness and depth are prioritized. Readers are thus invited to do what one might call the book’s exquisite effort. The publisher Wunderbuch is founded by publisher and idea historian Klaus Gjørup. The publishing house is an advisory committee consisting of the publisher and prominent researchers, literatures and artists.
Forlaget Wunderbuch


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