Betty e Eu

By 26/02/2020 Photobooks

Betty e Eu
Eliane Heuser
Spanish and English

55 pages
ISBN 9786580992010

From the Artist:
”Betty e Eu I” is a project that I have been working on for almost two years. This is an essay with photographs recovered from my family’s archive. The images depict my sister Betty, three years older, and me. They start in the early years of childhood, and continue until adolescence. If, on the one hand, the way we dress refers to a desired and imposed equality, on the other hand, the way we post ourselves in front of the camera already reveals individualities, which are not hidden or masked. The last photograph in the series, depicts the last time I agreed to dress in the same way as my sister. At that moment, I realized that choosing the way to introduce myself was an important part of my personality.

About the Artist

About the Publisher
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